Welcome to AsOne

Welcome to AsOne

We aim to address the complex needs of families beyond just the patient.

AsOne is an innovative NYC-based Independent Practice Association (IPA) that focuses on the mental, physical, and social needs of children, adults, and families. AsOne’s clinically integrated network of providers delivers family-focused, value-based care that improves the overall health of our communities in a cost-effective way.

Our intergenerational treatment approach is based on the premise that health, recovery, and overall well-being cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Rather than addressing only the needs of the patient, our IPA seeks to improve the health and lives of entire families. We believe strongly in the value of reducing the poor outcomes and high utilization of today while also preventing the costly health needs of the future. By offering care management alongside social support services, we aim to address the complex needs of families beyond just the patient, in order to break the cycle of co-occurring illnesses and ailments that often afflict high-risk families and communities.

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Our Model

Clinical Programs

AsOne implements evidence based clinical practices with our partner organizations to improve access, transitions of care, treatment planning and intensive family interventions for our patients. We also develop pilot projects to support value based payment contracting, and to address social determinants of health.

Care Management

As a network with care management providers, AsOne strives to maintain and increase treatment engagement within our patient population to help patients get healthier faster. We also work to increase enrollment in Health Homes and HCBS services for those eligible.

Quality Measured Care

AsOne was created to enhance our network of care providers’ ability to drive quality and performance improvement. We launch quality initiatives at both partner and network levels to improve performance towards priority value based payment metrics.

Network Integration

We coordinate and streamline referrals within the AsOne network and implement standard workflows and in-take processes to bridge the gap of care between behavioral, mental, and physical healthcare needs. We also provide training and development opportunities to our network to help prepare the workforce for value based payments and create a positive impact on population health.

Data Sharing and IT

AsOne uses shared data, analytics and IT to connect partners in the network, manage quality, and inform all our strategies in order to provide a more integrated level of care.