Pamela Mattel

Chief Operating Officer, Institute for Community Living

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Pamela Mattel is a highly qualified executive with 38 years of nonprofit experience, 15 years in executive positions advancing high quality whole healthcare integration and innovation in behavioral healthcare, primary healthcare, and housing. Inspired by national and local leaders, Ms. Mattel is continually reimagining health care and social services by convening diverse groups of stakeholders, actively supporting collaboration, incorporating design approaches, and measuring results. Her servant leadership style is grounded on establishing trusting relationships, credibility, and accountability to facilitate excellence and high performing teams. Her experience and skills can steer through the lasting impact of the pandemic, economic uncertainty and political challenges that face the broader healthcare industry.

Ms. Mattel’s current role as Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer at the Institute for Community Living. Ms. Mattel’s two decades of dedication to quality healthcare integration and innovation has aligned well in advancing the ICL whole person health model.

Ms. Mattel’s personal mission to inspire and empower change has been a constant. She graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and holds certificates in several post-graduate programs.

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